Jamie McBrearty Coaching

Jamie is a mindset coach and he takes his clients on a transformational journey that brings them confidence, a goal-achiever mindset, and a fulfilling life. Reaching the freedom to become their best version is key in his process.

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Women's Business Station

Women’s Business Station is a community interest company that empowers women and supports them with their business development.
The brand represents a sense of uplifting, which conveys the sensation of empowerment

Angie De Vos


Creating a new brand is a detailed and time-consuming process. I knew what the brand should represent but had yet to learn what this should look like.

I had my consult session with Monica; I knew I was in safe hands. Her attentiveness, questions and interest reassured me that she was a great fit. A week after, Monica presented a vision board of research and ideas, which then transformed into prototypes.

I now have a brand that fully represents my business’s values and meaning. Monica is now our chosen supplier of all our digital design artwork.

It is time to stand out!

If you love what you do and serving your market is key, you must:

♦︎ SHOW UP with clarity
♦︎ SHINE with creativity
♦︎ SPEAK with authenticity

That’s right! Branding does this and more.
Your business purpose matter.

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Making Sport Fit

Sports should be open to all regardless of barriers. Making Sport Fit helps people who face a variety of challenges when engaging in any sporting activity.

The brand reflects equality in sports and simplicity. The pattern represents the elements in the equipment used by disabled and sensory-challenged participants during the training sessions.

Caroline Ness


As soon as I met Monica, I knew she was the person to design the branding for my new business. I trusted her immediately to understand what I was about, what was important to me and it was easy to see that she cared about the outcome. I wasn’t wrong. Monica hit the nail on the head with the logo, and I am in love with it!

Find out how to drive your business forward!

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